Buyer Information

Buyer Information:

Buying at auction can be one of the most exciting and life changing events that you will experience.

Here are some helpful hints to make your auction buying experiance more enjoyable.

  • Register: Look for the Oak Crest Auctions Trailer at all of our auctions. One of our staff members will collect your information and you will receive your bidder’s number. Please have your ID out and ready so that you can quickly register.
  • Learn: All bidders are subject to the “Terms & Conditions” of the auction. Each auction has different terms & conditions, please familiarize yourself with them. The Auctioneer will read the terms & conditions before the start of each auction. If you are not present when this takes place, feel free to ask the Auctioneer or an Oak Crest Auctions staff member.
  • Inspect: The auction items will be on display. Inspect the items before you start bidding, this way you will be sure that you are getting exactly what you want. Remember: All merchandise at auction is sold “AS IS.” Feel free to ask questions about the item before you buy.
  • Listen: A good tip when attending the auction is to listen to the Auctioneer’s “Chant” before bidding. Make sure that you can understand the Auctioneer’s unique way of talking, this helps to eliminate any confusion.
  • Ask: If you can’t understand the Auctioneer or if you don’t know what item is up for bid, feel free to ask the Auctioneer. The Auctioneer will stop and answer your question about the item or items.
  • Bid: Once the item(s) you are interested in are up for bid, listen to the number the Auctioneer is asking for. To place your bid, simply raise your number in the air. If the Auctioneer receives a higher bid, they or a bidders assistant will notify you that you are no longer the winning bidder. Follow along and bid quickly. This helps to move the auction along smoothly.
  • Pay: Items must be paid in full the day of the auction. Once you are done buying, go back to Oak Crest Auctions Trailer and our staff will collect your payment and provide you with a receipt.

If you have any questions about buying at auction, ask one of our Auctioneers or a Oak Crest Auctions staff member. You may also contact us at (574) 936-7616.