Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge?

Just as every auction is unique, so are our rates. Rates vary auction to auction depending on several different factors. Contact us today to inquire about your auction.

How Does The Auction Process Work?

At Oak Crest Auctions we use our very own “5P Method.” For more information contact us today!

I Only Have A Few Items To Sell?

If you have only a few items to sell, you can take advantage of our Consignment Auction Services. This consists of your items being sold at auction with items belonging to other clients. If you would like more information about consignment auctions, contact our office at (574) 936-7616.

What If I Cannot Attend The Auction?

At Oak Crest Auctions, we do our best to satisfy our customers. If you cannot attend an auction, you may place an absentee bid. You can do so by calling our office at (574) 936-7616.

Do You Charge A Buyer’s Premium or Sales Tax?

These things vary depending on the auction. If we are charging a buyer’s premium or sales tax, it will be stated ahead of time in the “Terms & Conditions” of the auction.

What If I Buy An Item That Has A Title?

When buying an item that has a title, you will be required to pay the Indiana State mandated sales tax rate, regardless of your place of residence, this includes out of state buyers. Once Oak Crest Auctions receives confirmed payment you will receive the title from out organization. If you wish to pay with a check, Oak Crest Auctions will keep the item and the title until the check clears, this may take up to three weeks. Upon request, Oak Crest Auctions will hold your check for a limited period of time and you may bring cash to our office in exchange for the title and your check. Oak Crest Auctions cannot guarantee a title for any item. All items are sold “as is.” 

Why Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Payment methods vary depending on the auction. Each auctions payment method is available in the terms and conditions of the auction. Our frequent payment methods are: Cash, Check, Major Credit/Debit Cards, Certified Funds.